We sometimes have 5nglish Bulldog Puppies For Sale. Our puppies are sold for $3600 to pet homes only. All of our english bulldog puppies are sold CKC registered, microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations & dewormings, very well socialised and come with a starter kit. We choose our English Bulldog adoptive families with great care and we keep in touch with every single one of them for the entire life of our puppies. I am a Dog Trainer so it is always a pleasure for us to give helpful information to our adoptive families. We accept visits with appointments. We do not ship any puppies. All bulldog puppies must be picked up directly here.

/ Nous avons parfois des Chiots Bulldog Anglais à vendre. Nos chiots sont vendus à 3600$ en tant qu'animal de compagnie uniquement. Tous nos chiots bulldog anglais sont vendus enregistrés au CCC, micropucés, à jour pour leurs vaccinations & vermifuges, bien socialisés et avec un kit de départ. Nous choisissons nos familles d'adoption pour nos bouledogues anglais minutieusement et nous restons en contact avec chacuns d'eux durant la vie complète de nos chiots. Je suis Éducateur Canin alors ça nous fait toujours plaisir d'offrir de l'information utile à nos familles d'adoption. Nous acceptons les visites sur rendez-vous. Nous n'envoyons aucuns chiots bulldogs par avion.

CH Valiant Primo Phantom of the Opera "Gaston" - Primo Panties In A Bündchen"Gisele"

Gaston is Cardiac - Normal / HUU - Clear

Gisele is Cardiac - Normal / HUU - Clear / Cystinuria - Clear

Puppies will be born in Novembre 2020


1st Pick Male - Reserved by Renaud / 1st Pick Female - Reserved by Jessica

2nd Pick Male - Reserved by Lybelle / 2nd Pick Female - Reserved by Marie-Pier

3rd Pick Male - Reserved by Carolane / 3rd Pick Female - Not Available 

CH Valiant Primo Phantom of the Opera "Gaston" - CH Primo Bulldogs "Maya"

Gaston is Cardiac - Normal / HUU - Clear

Maya is Cardiac - Normal / Cystinuria - Clear

Puppies will be born in November 2020


1st Pick Male - Reserved by Valérie / 1st Pick Female - Reserved by Maryse

2nd Pick Male - Reserved by Cynthia / 2nd Pick Female - Reserved by Emilie

3rd Pick Male - Not Available / 3rd Pick Female - Not Available

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